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Seadream 1,  May 11 visits rotterdam to send crew home.

The corona virus has changed the whole  cruise business.

Cruises had to be canceled, cruise ships  were sailing all over the world trying to find a safe place to transport their passengers home

We could read in the press what happened true or not treu, and how it all ended.

Ships are  now used to ferry thousands of stranded  crew members to their loved ones.

We from Maritime Photo Maassluis have made a pdf where you can see where all 359 cruise ships are sailing, in port or at anchor.

A total list of all cruise ships can be found, all ships positions, and a list of cruise ships who are anchored at Manila

For the better times you can click on the logo of the cruise company to be directed to their website.

Nobody can prospect when it is safe again to board a cruise ship with thousands of passengers.

Some even can hold over 6000 passengers.

we will publish the pdf on tuesday May 13

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